From experience in the professional field of the UNI FOOD EQUIPMENT division of UNITECH comes the new generation of gas burners MODULAR FIRE. Burners developed for integration in pizza ovens.

The standard features of the atmospheric burner, with primary and secondary air control, integrated with modulating valves, give the flame a "wood" effect, ensuring optimal internal visibility and constant heating uniformity.

The use of a gas burner in ovens ensures optimised hygiene and practical use. MODULAR FIRE burners for the European market can be used with either natural gas or LPG and are tested by IMQ Primacontrol.

MODULAR FIRE burners are available in two main ranges:
  • E Series (electronic burners) developed for professional applications in Pizza restaurants
  • M Series (manual burners) for domestic applications
Each component in these series has been redesigned and improved to guarantee maximum performance, functionality and reliability.